The 2021 CrossFit Open

It’s already that time of year again! The CrossFit Games Open 2021 beings in less than a month on March 11th. This year, CrossFit has made some really cool changes to the whole format and timeline for the Games season. Without going into too much detail, the main difference for all of us is that the Open will only last for 3 weeks, rather than the usual 5.

So, every Friday for 3 weeks, we will perform the workout at CFWP.  It will be the “Workout of the Day” for ALL classes whether you are officially signed up for the Open or not.

In short, the Open is a worldwide, online competition is for ALL levels. It’s a fun, community building event that brings together people from all walks of life and various levels of fitness. There are multiple divisions and age groups

Why sign up for The Open? There are literally thousands of reasons!

FitnessWellnessHealthCommunityFamily – Friends – Competition ExhaustionExhilaration

It is not only about competing against others. It’s a way for YOU to see where YOU are at in terms of YOUR OWN fitness journey. It’s a way for you to see how all of your hard work has come together.

Head over to the official CrossFit Open website to learn more and register.

Be sure to join BOTH our CrossFit Winter Park Affiliate and Team and please ask us if you have any questions at all!

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