You’ve got a long Hero workout tomorrow. So, today’s focus is on strength.

Dynamic Warm-up

Strength Day:

Find a partner of equal strength and start on opposite stations.

Part 1:

Every minute on the Minute x 10min

1- Strict Chin-ups x 6-8 reps Add weight if proficient.

2- Bent Over Lateral Raises x 10 reps

Part 2:

Every minute on the Minute x 10min

1- Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift x 10 reps

2- L-seated Seesaw Dumbbell Press x 12 reps

Part 3:

3 sets

Alternating Single Leg V-Ups x 10 reps
Tuck-Ups x 10 reps
Russian Twists x 20 reps
Rest 60sec

Finish/Cool Down:

If you have extra time, spend it working on nasal breathing on the bike or rower.

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