Box height is dependent on your height. Your quad should be parallel with the ground when you are stepping on the box. There should not be an upward angle aka. the box is too tall. Farmer’s hold dumbbells for weight on both movements.

4 sets
10 Weighted Step Ups (right)
Rest 30sec
10 Weighted Step Ups (left)
Rest 30sec
8-10 Bulgarian Split Squats per leg @3111 Rest 30sec between legs
Rest 90sec between sets


You should have about 30sec rest each round so adjust reps accordingly.

No Rx today- it’s a time to work on quality of movement. Don’t cut yourself short on wall walks and follow the standard even without tape lines. No singles, practice your double-unders! Challenge yourself on the lunges and go as heavy as possible while maintaining proper form.

Every 90sec x 4 sets

1- 200m Run

2- 3 Wall Walks + 50 Double-unders

3- 50ft Front Rack Dumbbell Walking Lunges

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