Note the tempos and focus on quality of movement.

Stations 2,3, and 4 should be 60sec, 48sec, and 60sec of continuous movement if done properly.

The first digit in a tempo scheme is always the negative of the particular movement.

Every 90sec x 30min (4 sets) of:

1- Alternating Front-Racked Kettlebell Lunges x 16 reps

2- Dumbbell Squeeze Chest Press x 10 reps @2121

3- Pulsing Kettlebell Sumo Squats x 6 reps

4- Seated Band-Resisted Rows x 20 reps @2011

5- Plank Punches on Elbows x 10 reps + Plank on Elbows in remaining 60sec

*Move for 8 seconds each rep – dropping just below parallel and coming up just above parallel for each rep. If the kettlebell touches the ground, then elevate yourself by standing on 45lb plates or small boxes.