“Today is my 12 month anniversary!! Just wanted to tell you how fun this past year has been and how much it has meant to me that you all were so welcoming and positive and encouraging. This really helped change some things in my life in such a positive way. ” - Rachel

“I recently switched over to unlimited CrossFit. I’ve been going pretty religiously every day to class, as compared to 3 times or less a week before this. I just wanted to say what a HUGE difference increasing my attendance from 2-3 to 5-6 days a week has made. I’ve already made huge gains in the muscle dept (especially in my upper body which has always been pretty weak) and am Rx-ing workouts more often, getting my Olympic weightlifting #s higher, learning so many new skills and overall have way more energy & confidence in the gym. Just wanted to give you a shout-out to let you know I appreciate your programming and that I’m glad I made the jump! You really see results if you go every day! ” - Diana

“Since starting at Crossfit Winter Park, I have lost 40 pounds. This definitely keeps me motivated, but I have also seen and felt a significant shift in my attitude and energy level toward day-to-day activities. My flexibility amazes me every day. I am 6’7” but my height is never an issue when it comes to trying new movements. I’ve seen significant improvements in all of my lifts, and achieving a new PR puts a smile on my face and keeps the competition strong between my CrossFit Winter Park friends. The staff and the community really make this place special.” - Joshua

“I needed a new challenge, so I ended up joining CFWP the day it opened and never looked back. I love the intensity and the sense of competition that each workout provides. My 5 a.m. crew motivates me to show up every day and keep progressing.” - Bradd

“I love the programming at CrossFit Winter Park. It’s always varied, challenging and never boring. The people and community I’ve found here also keeps me coming back.  Combining a clean diet with the programming at CrossFit Winter Park allowed me to achieve the results I’m most proud of — losing 30 pounds.” - Chris

“Coaching is not someone who has a certificate and stands there and says 3….2…1….go. That is just a facilitator who collects a paycheck. Coaching is defined by CF WINTER PARK and their staff. The coaches care and want you to do better and will help you reach those goals! They do it in a manner that ensures you don’t become injured or makes you do something you struggle with to receive no benefit. I say this because I struggle with a plate in the wrist, fractures in the lumbar spine that supposedly healed and bad knee joints from several surgeries and I still grow in strength and skill. Huge thanks and great respect to those at Winter Park!!!!!” - Ryan

“I’ve been going to CFWP for 2 weeks now and couldn’t be happier with my choice in box. Before I committed to WP I tried out two other boxes in the Orlando area. They were all very friendly, but I was a little hesitant to join a gym that did not require a fundamentals course. Yes, it saves money, but Crossfit is not a sport to take lightly, and I really wanted to go somewhere where I felt the coaches cared about safety above all else. I work mostly with Carlos and he is just a phenomenal coach. I spent a year with a personal trainer, spending more money than I do with Crossfit, and I felt I learned more in the 2 fundamentals courses with Carlos than I did in the entire year with a personal trainer. Carlos has a lot of experience coaching and it is very obvious. When he’s watching the WODs you can see him paying attention to everyone’s form. When I do not know what I am doing or I am unsure of what the focus of the movement is, he never gets impatient with me and takes as long as I need to get it right. Thanks to his excellent coaching, it doesn’t take too long! When I show up for the WOD’s it’s always a really diverse group of people. Some beginners, some moderately scaled, and a couple veterans. I have not been there very long, so I haven’t made a ton of close friends, but everyone is very kind to me. They support me through my work outs, cheering me on even if it’s incredibly scaled. I never feel judged, even when teaming up with a veteran, I don’t get the sense I am holding them back. Overall, an amazing Crossfit experience so far and I am looking forward to years of workouts with these guys. ” - Jessy

“One year ago today, I started at CrossFit Winter Park and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 17 pounds lighter, 6 inches smaller on my waist, down 3 dress sizes and have muscles I never knew existed on my body. Challenged every day and doing things all the time I never thought possible. Thanks to everyone who makes it so much fun! ” - Lindsey

“I just want to take a moment to wish a happy one year anniversary to CFWP. Thank you to all the coaches and staff for everything you do everyday. Thank you for taking the time to help make us better athletes every day and for helping us build on our strengths and work on our weaknesses. Thank you for waking up early and staying late. But most of all thank you for helping us become better versions of ourselves. Without you we wouldn’t be able to have this amazing community. You guys are amazing and we appreciate you!! ” - Evelyn

“Trainers, owners, and members are amazing! Plenty of equipment. WOD are always well programmed, organized, and demonstrated.” - Kristen Girard