1. Leave Your Ego at the Door

“The ego is the single biggest obstruction to the achievement of anything.” -Richard Rose. Our aim is to ensure that you’re perfecting the movements before increasing the intensity. We ask all members to respect our judgment – we are not trying to hold you back, we just want you to progress in the most safe and efficient way. Scaling back a workout when necessary is intelligent, not weak.

2. Be on Time

It is essential that you are present and participating in BOTH the workout briefing AND the warm-up. Please respect the coaches’ time, as well as your fellow members.

3. Be Honest and Maintain Integrity

In other words DO NOT CHEAT. We expect that all members of CFWP will be accountable to themselves, their coaches and their peers. Do not shave reps or cut corners on range of motion. There is no honor in having a faster time or getting more reps if you really didn’t do the work. You are cheating yourself and being disrespectful at the same time.

4. Let The Coaches Coach

We encourage an atmosphere where member’s look out for each other. While support is great, giving technical advice and coaching is not. We have experienced coaches who know what they are talking about and it’s their job to inform, instruct, and coach. If you have a question, ask a coach.

5. Respect Our Equipment

Please honor and respect our home away from home. Never drop, throw, or slam empty barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells on the ground. Please do not drop a bar with only 10s or 15s from above your hips.

6. Chalk and Clips

Chalk is meant to improve your grip and create friction. It is NOT an antiperspirant. Use in moderation. On the other hand, clips are ALWAYS a requirement.

7. The Workout

If you are taking part in a class, you will do the workout on the board. If you want to follow individualized programming, that is the purpose of open gym.

8. Clean Up After Yourself

Please put all equipment back where it belongs. Be sure to wipe away any sweat or chalk you may have left behind. If you bleed on anything during a workout, please immediately tell your coach and make sure you sanitize all areas with hydrogen peroxide.

9. Support and Respect Other Members

We are a strong community built on encouraging each other’s success. Last person finished gets the loudest cheers. Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know and welcome new members to the CFWP family. It’s ok to celebrate and it’s ok to get frustrated, just don’t be offensive.

10. Have Fun and Never Quit

Taking your training seriously is great, but remember that this is fitness and it should also be fun. Work hard, give your best, and never quit.