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Reminder we are only open for a half day today. 5am, 6am, 9:30am, 12pm Only.
Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you on Saturday!

2 options today:
If you are beat up from the 12 Days, skip the strength portion and spend 20min on mobility/stretching/rolling out. If you did not come in yesterday or are in town visiting, you can choose the strength section prior to the workout.

200m run then 2rds of:
6 Glute Bride w/ kick out
6 Roll to Candlestick
6 OH KB Lunge

1a) Back Squat 10 @ 60/65/70%
1b) KB/DB Row 3x8each (heavy)

1000m Run
15 Push-up
20 Air Squat
25 V-up
750m Run
15 Push-up
20 Air Squat
25 Flutter Kick (2 count)
500m Run (400 + 100)
15 Push-up
20 Air Squat
25 Hollow Rock
250m Run (to NY and back)
15 Push-up
20 Air Squat
25 Leg Raises