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February 4, 2018
Warm-up: 2 00m Run With an empty barbell, complete the following twice: Snatch Grip RDL x 3 reps Snatch Pull x 3 reps Muscle Snatch x 3 reps Close Grip Overhead Squats x 3 reps Snatch Balance x 3 reps Snatch Drops x 3 reps Snatch x 3 reps Strength: Push Press 3x75, 2x80, 2x85, 1x90, 1x95% Workout of the Day 3min AMRAP 6 Hang Power Snatch 8 Lateral Bar Burpee Rest 2min 3min AMRAP 6 Overhead Squats 8 Toes to Bar Rest 2min


February 1, 2018
Barbell warm-up Power Clean 10-15min to build to 80-90% Workout of the Day 15.4 8min AMRAP Handstand Push-ups Cleans Finish: 3-4 sets 8 Sandbag Squats Rest 60sec 10 KB Bicep Curls Rest 60sec

Working hard and seeing results!

We love getting messages like this from members that are working hard and seeing it pay off. Thanks for sharing Diana! "I recently switched over to unlimited CrossFit. I’ve been going pretty religiously every day to class, as compared to 3 times or less a week before this. I just wanted to say what a HUGE difference increasing my attendance from 2-3 to 5-6 days a week has made. I’ve already made huge gains in the muscle dept (especially in


January 31, 2018
Mobility: Hips/Glutes EMOM x 12 1) Alternating Weighted Cossack Squat x 12 2) Weighted Pull Back x 12 3) Plank on Rings w/ hollow body x 40sec Workout of the Day 2 person team for max calories 2rds total 2min Row 90sec Row 60sec Row 30sec Row Finish: Work on a Goat in remaining time (skills/gymnastics only)


January 30, 2018
Warm-up: 200m Run then 90sec Squat Therapy then 2rds of: 10 Thruster 10 Push-up Strength: Back Squat 6x75, 6x80, 4x85, 2x90, 6x75% Workout of the Day 5rds Against a 3min clock 400m Run + ME Wall Ball (20/14 to 10ft) Rest 2min (last done on 12/5/16)


January 29, 2018
Warm-up: 200m Run then 3rds of: 10 Box Step-up 10 KB Deadlift Skill Efficiency a) EMOM x 8 30sec work/30sec rest 1) Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65) 2) Double-unders b) 3rds each 10/8 Cal Row 5 Burpee Box Jump Over (new standard) Workout of the Day 4 person team Bike 200 Cal for time


January 28, 2018
Warm-up: 200m Run then 3rds of: 12 Shoulder Taps 6 Overhead BB Lunges 10 Hollow Rock Strength: Push Press 4x75 3x80 2x85 2x90% Workout of the Day 30 Front Squat (95/65) 25 Toes to Bar 30 Thruster 25 Pull-up 30 Hang Squat Clean


January 25, 2018
Warm-up: 200m Run then Coach led empty barbell warm-up Strength: 1a) Front Rack Walking Dumbbell Lunges x 50ft (50/35) 1b) Strict Chin-up x 6-8 reps or 2-4 MU ( Workout of the Day 12/30/17 12min AMRAP 1 Squat Snatch (155/105) 3 Clean and Jerk 30 Double-unders


January 24, 2018
Skill: Muscle-up progressions 1) 3x5 False Grip Ring Pull-up 2) EMOM x 6 a) Full Support on low ring x 30-40sec b) Ring Swings x 10 3) Practice 5-10 sets of Cast Swing + Pop Swing 4) Practice 5-10 sets Pop Swing x 5-10 reps 5) Attempt some MUs Workout of the Day 2 person team Perform in any order partitioned in any fashion, but split evenly. 3000m Row 10 Rope Climb 100 Large Flutter Kicks (2 count) 3min Accumulate


January 23, 2018
Warm-up: 200m Run then 3rds of: 10 Single Arm OH Walking Lunges 5 Reverse Burpee Strength: Back Squat 8x65, 6x75, 6x80, 4x85% Workout of the Day 18.0 21-15-9 DB Snatches (50/35) Lateral Burpee over Dumbbell Rest 5min then Run 1 mile for time

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